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House on CreteWhy Choose Us

We are very experienced in designing and building homes for customers residing abroad.


We undertake everything concerning the construction of your home and we deliver it key-in-hand, exactly as you specify it. In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction with any part of the construction we are obliged to correct it without extra cost.


We deal with all the bureaucratic processes that are related to the transaction. For many years our company has co-operated with the largest and best known local legal firms and notaries – we undertake the fulfillment of all documents from start to finish, completely covering the necessary legal and tax matters.


We undertake specialized construction and installations, for example those required for people with disabilities and for amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, etc.


We own the necessary equipment and employ the skilled work-force required to undertake projects on any part of West Crete.


High quality construction with materials of corresponding quality.


Guaranteed low cost of construction.


Delivery in 8 months maximum from the day of contract.


Interior design services.


Garden design services.



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