1. Is it difficult to buy a property in Greece?
    If you are a European Citizen it is very simple and straightforward to buy a property in Greece.
  2. What if I am not a European citizen?
    It is possible in most cases for nationals of other countries to buy property in Greece; however there are other rules and regulations which apply.
  3. Do I need a lawyer?
    Yes. You need a lawyer registered to practice in Crete. We will be happy to introduce you to a lawyer who speaks your language and is familiar with property purchase. If you prefer to do so you can appoint a lawyer of your own choice. The lawyer will explain all legal aspects of the purchase to you.
  4. Do I have to travel to Crete many times to sign papers?
    No. You will complete a power of attorney which enables the lawyer to sign documents on your behalf. If you prefer to sign yourself the lawyer will arrange a translation of the documents for you.
  5. Is there a land registry?
    Yes. A copy of your deeds is kept at the land registry.
  6. What are the taxes and legal fees?
    These are forecast at approximately 14% of the purchase price.
  7. What other taxes do I have to pay?
    There is no council tax or capital gains tax in Greece. As a home owner you will have to fill out a yearly tax return in Greece. We can introduce you to an accountant to assist you in this if you wish.
  8. What are the payment stages?
    As all our villas are custom built we also discuss the payment stages individually. A deposit of 10% is payable for us to begin the process. The rest of the payment is divided into stages as the build progresses. We will not ask for these payments until you have seen the progress of the build in person or from photographs.
  9. What if I want to rent out my property?
    If you plan to rent out your property you must hold a license from the tourist authority (EOT). We can include the specifications to meet the requirements for during the build.
  10. Are there property maintenance companies in Crete?
    There are many property maintenance companies in Greece. We will be happy to introduce you to such a company if you wish.
  11. Can I meet the architect to discuss the design?
    Yes our Villas are all individually designed and we will offer you a choice of architects with different styles to suit your taste.
  12. What about furnishing my house?
    We can introduce you to an interior designer who will help you as much as you require, from fully furnishing your property to simply introducing you to a selection of stores or buying goods for you in your absence.
  13. What about the garden?
    If you want help with garden design or acquiring plants we can introduce you to a garden designer.
  14. Will you send me photos of the progress?
    In addition to regular updates with digital photographs, House on Crete offers you three paid trips during the build to see progress for yourself.



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